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Asbestos Inspection & Testing in Paradise Valley AZ

Asbestos Removal Paradise Valley AZAccu Clean Environmental Services is an asbestos inspection and testing company that provides services throughout Paradise Valley AZ and the surrounding area.  We offer 24/7 live calls with an immediate response.  We’ll guide and educate you through the asbestos assessment so you know 100% what you are getting. We can walk your house with you so we can tailor it to your budget.  Everyone at Accu Clean prides themselves on getting the job done without taking shortcuts and being honest with our customers about what they do or do not need.

Only Accu Clean Environmental can give you excellent customer service, affordable prices, and the best available asbestos inspection and testing in Paradise Valley AZ. Call us today at (602) 214-4204 for a free estimate.

Why You Need Asbestos Removal

Many people are under the wrong impression that Paradise Valley homes built prior to 1980 do not need to be tested for asbestos if they are doing remodeling or renovation work. Federal OSHA regulations, however, require testing regardless of the year the home was built if anyone under the employ of someone else is doing the work.

Long exposure to asbestos is dangerous to everyone’s health. Asbestos exposure from breathing or ingesting the fibers can cause serious and often fatal diseases.  Vinyl floor tiles, rolled vinyl sheeting, floor mastics, drywall, and acoustic “popcorn” ceiling texture are the most common areas where asbestos fibers can be found. Samples from any of those materials can be collected and analyzed for asbestos content. Once you know whether those materials contain asbestos or not, you can make an informed decision on how to proceed.

Experienced Asbestos Removal & Cleanup

When the time comes to remove asbestos material in your Paradise Valley home, it’s best that it’s done by our fully licensed and experienced asbestos removal team who can safely remove the asbestos from your home and handle safe asbestos remediation.

Don’t touch any material you suspect contains asbestos. Look out for signs of damage such as abrasions and tears. Damaged material could release asbestos fibers. This is even more so if the area is disturbed by hitting, rubbing, handling, or airflow. The safest option is to call our asbestos abatement company immediately. If only a single room needs treating, we will block off the others to ensure fibers do not penetrate the atmosphere and travel to other rooms.

When you discover damaged materials that contain asbestos in your Paradise Valley home, give Accu Clean Environmental a call immediately. We have 24/7 live calls with immediate response and will set you up for a free estimate.

The Top Asbestos Abatement Company in Paradise Valley AZ

It is important to get asbestos testing if you feel you and your loved ones are being exposed to asbestos. Accu Clean Environmental offers asbestos removal services such as popcorn ceiling removal, asbestos title removal, and many other services related to asbestos abatement.

Protecting workers from asbestos exposure does much more than just keep workers safe. It protects their loved ones when they return home after work, it protects the restaurant worker who serves their lunch, and it protects the people who live in the home from the risk of asbestos exposure.

Whether it’s an emergency response situation or a planned project, Accu Clean Environmental has certified professionals with the experience and knowledge necessary to provide affordable options for your asbestos inspection and asbestos testing in Paradise Valley AZ. Contact us for your asbestos assessment today.

We provide services throughout Paradise Valley AZ, including 85016, 85018, 85028, 85250, 85253.

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