If you are a home owner or business owner and have been for quite some time, chances are you have experienced a water leak in some way or form. unfortunately, water can leak in your home or business In many different ways. Some examples are clogged lines, broken seals, damaged pipes/pipe joints, or corroded pipes. if left ignored more problems may occur. Some issues that follow a water leak could likely be higher water bill, odors, mold, rotting of flooring, ceiling, and walls. Its better to get it done right away to avoid further issues!

Obviously, The first thing you should do before drying the leak is to stop the leak. in mild cases Using epoxy putty, plumbers tape, or self-fusing silicone tape should stop the leak. Simply making sure everything is fastened snuggly could help stop a leak. with more difficult water leaks you may want to watch a YouTube video on how to repair it, or call your local plumber to stop the leak.

Assuming you have stopped the leak by now, the next step is removing all items in the area and discarding the items beyond repair. After you have the area cleared you are going to want to dry up all the water you can find using towels and mops. you are going to want gloves for this. Then check the surrounding area for water damage. You can tell what has been damaged by touching or looking at it. if you spot water stains or If the area feels damp and mushy there is likely water damage and you may have to contact the water damage professionals depending on how bad the damage is and how much the damage is. If the area isn’t damaged, and just still a little wet then you can go ahead and do it yourself if you feel comfortable.

So next you want to start moving air naturally like opening windows and doors to get some air circulation around the leak. Depending on where the leak is at, you might want to open all of the cabinet or closet doors and remove drawers. Next you can try to move air mechanically by using or buying a high-powered fan, they usually cost anywhere from $50-$500 to buy and usually $20 a day to rent. After you’re gonna want to use a dehumidifier, close all windows and doors to prevent more humidity from seeping in and then set your dehumidifier up by the wet area. If you followed the steps correctly you should have Finally stopped the leak and it should be all dried up. You should hopefully have minimal damage.